Domestic and Industrial



  • Filtration of water after chemical dosing to remove colloidal haze and turbidity
  • Pre-filtration to protect membrane processes from fouling
  • Filtration of cooling water to prevent heat exchanger fouling
  • Filtration of borehole water to remove iron and manganese
  • Removal of chlorine from water to protect ion exchange resins or membranes
  • Increasing the pH of acidic water to prevent corrosion feed water for drip irrigation systems

Application : Dosing all Liquid Chemicals and used for Power plant for Boiler, Mineral water plant, Pharmacuticals, Lab & Capacity
Operating Velocity : -------------
Flow Range : 1mph to 1 mld (to be changed to 4lph to 100lph @0.5kg/cm2 to 75Kg/cm2)