Domestic and Industrial


Before using R/O System
(TDS range from 250-450ppm)
After using R/O System
(TDS range from 5-26 ppm)


     The monitor has two sensors that will operate when it senses the difference of TDS between the supplied water and the purified water though the R/O membrane.


     If the TDS does not drop to the desired rate while purifying the water, the red light will turn on and make a buzzing sound.


     The water purifies can be purified with requiring rates defermined by the client.  Commonly it is produced at the following range. High-5%, Med-15% , Low-35%. 

     Can take measurement at two points with in & out probes, Usually at Feed inlet and Product out-let.      Easy installation.  Power is off automatically after 10 minutes of non-use

Range : 1 ~ 9990ppm
Accuracy : ± 2%
Battery : 2x 1.5V (Button Cell)
Size : 76mm x 20mm x 47mm(L x W x H)