Domestic and Industrial


     There is a very common but complaint that the quality of stored Dematerialized water is affected by way of dissolution of CO2 and other acidic gases like so2 & so3, as the air enters into the tank through air vent and over flow line. Atmospheric air around an industrial complex is polluted, with co2 - so2 -so3, and sometimes acidic fumes of HCI - h2so4 from the respective acid storage tanks, in a highly pronounced way in comparison to air column away from industrial complexes.

     Quality deteriorated demonetarized water causes lot of corrosion problems to vital industrial components, upset water chemistry conditions in the system, usage of alkaline volatile chemicals incurring more expenses and health hazards to personnel working around.

     Floating of polypropylene balls of various sizes to cover the entire top layer of the stored water in the tank would act as a blanket to minimize to a very great extent exposure of top water surface to the atmospherics air.

     MS and SS Storage Tanks. Rainwater Chemical Like HCL NAOH, it storage pure water and all sulfuric acid.