Domestic and Industrial


Strainer Nozzles are used in applications like :

  • Gravity Sand Filters
  • Pressure sand Filters
  • Side Stream Filters
  • Water Softners
  • Cation Exchanger
  • Anion Exchanger
  • Mixed Bed Exchanger
  • Effluent Treatment Plants
  • Water Polishing units like DM Plants


STRAINER NOZZLE also called as strainer buttons is mainly used for retaining or restricting the resin or sand from following along with water or other treated liquids by having the slots sized to the resin size. 0.2mm to upto 2mm.Strainer Nozzles are fixed to the bed plate of the exchanger tightened with bolts, or nuts or sleeves are located in pre cast concrete slab before casting. VPE also supplies necessary bolts and dummy caps for pre cast & insitu casting applications for fixing the strainer after concrete sets.

AP Engineers offers wide variety of Spray Nozzles & Strainer Nozzles for different applications like: Cooling tower, WTP / ETP, Spraying applications, paper cutting, atomizing, misting applications, jet condenser spraying etc.. AP can also develop nozzles for customized applications.

Nozzles are offered in different materials like:
  • Plastic - PP,HDPE, LDPE, EVA, PVC, PVDF
  • Metal - SS, Brass, special alloys for any special applications
  • In some cases ceramic nozzles are also offered.
  • AP also offers Laterals out of PP, HDPE, PVC & PVDF Laternal Strainers also available.

     We also offer Plastic & metallic Strainer Nozzles & laterals for WTP / ETP Applications to suit different flow & pressure parameters.